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Artifacts are NFTs that characters can equip to improve their stats. The Artifact system will replace the current equipment system.

At the moment, Players will be able to continue using the current equipment system OR switch to the new Artifact system. This switch will be mandatory in a future update.


An Artifact will have the following Attributes:


The name of an artifact will be '{Rarity} {Set} Artifact'

For example, "Common Constitution Artifact"


The Set of an Artifact will give the character special set effects if there are enough Artifacts of the same set equipped.

Constitution [WIP]

The Constitution set will give a 15% bonus to HP for every 2 Artifacts equipped.


This represents the level of the artifact. As the level increases, so do the stat bonuses.

See: Upgrading

Primary Stat

This is the Stat a specific Artifact will primarily increase.

For Example, a Constitution Artifact with a primary stat of "ATK" will give bonus ATK. Upgrading this artifact will increase the bonus that the artifact gives.

Substats [WIP]

Substats are additional bonus stats that an Artifact can give.


Slot This is the slot that an artifact will fit in. Each slot will have specific primary stat bonuses that it will give.

Slot #Possible Stat Bonus


Artifacts can be upgraded using GOLD with a success rate of 1/{NEXT_LEVEL}. Each successful upgrade will increase the Level of the Artifact by 1. The maximum level of an Artifact is 5 (subject to change).


LevelsSuccess rateCommon cost (gp)Uncommon cost (gp)Rare cost (gp)Epic cost (gp)Legendary cost (gp)
+1→21/2 = 50%20003000400050006000
+2→31/3 = 33.3%30004000500060007000
+3→41/4 = 25%40005000600070008000
+4→51/5 = 20%50006000700080009000
+5→61/6 = 16.7%600070008000900010000
+6→71/7 = 14.3%7000800090001000011000
+7→81/8 = 12.5%80009000100001100012000
+8→91/9 = 11.1%900010000110001200013000
+9→101/10 = 10%1000011000120001300014000
+10→111/11 = 9.1%1100012000130001400015000
+11→121/12 = 8.3%1200013000140001500016000
+12→131/13 = 7.7%1300014000150001600017000
+13→141/14 = 7.1%1400015000160001700018000
+14→151/15 = 6.7%1500016000170001800019000

Primary Stat Changes

Artifacts come in different Rarities and cannot be upgraded to higher rarities.

The following table shows initial stat bonus / bonus per level / max stat bonus.

Note: These stats are subject to change

Primary StatCommonUncommonRareEpicLegendary

Equip Conversion

To facilitate a smooth transition, we will be offering conversions from existing equipment to artifacts. The table below shows the mapping.

EquipRarityQuantityArtifact RarityArtifact SlotArtifact Level
Pointy StickCommon6758Common11
Raggedy ShirtCommon6917Common31
Lucky RockCommon6693Common51
Pointy StickUncommon1335Uncommon11
Raggedy ShirtUncommon1216Uncommon31
Lucky RockUncommon1289Uncommon51
Pointy StickRare188Rare11
Raggedy ShirtRare184Rare31
Lucky RockRare134Rare51
Shell KnifeCommon1915Common12
The ShellmetCommon1894Common32
Shell NecklaceCommon1600Common52
Shell KnifeUncommon61Uncommon11
The ShellmetUncommon53Uncommon31
Shell NecklaceUncommon71Uncommon51
Robinhood HatCommon550Uncommon32
Pouch of StonesCommon594Uncommon52
Ironwood SwordCommon707Uncommon12
Ironwood BucklerCommon512Uncommon32
Ironwood CuffsCommon651Uncommon52
Sabertooth DaggerUncommon80Rare13
Beast's VisageUncommon170Rare33
Wolfhide CapeUncommon100Rare53
Holiday Top Hat (Green)Common969Uncommon51
Holiday Top Hat (Black)Uncommon370Uncommon53
Jolly JabberUncommon84Rare13