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Characters are the primary way for users to play the game. Characters must be recruited in order to unlock other features such as hunting, healing, and equiping. Each Character has their own attributes which may influence how you can play the game. Characters may be purchased or opened from a Pack. They are NFTs that must be staked to be used in game.

Character Screen

The Character Screen is the primary way to manage your characters. Clicking on a Character will display more information about the Character and allow you to Hunt, Heal, or equip gear.

Character Screen


Character Rarity affects gameplay by offering a rewards multiplier for a successful hunt.

RarityDrop Rates from PacksHunt Reward Multiplier

Character Rarity will also allow Characters to equip Artifacts of the same or lower rarity.


Note: As of v5.1.0-beta, Staking a character will automatically recruit the character. The recruit button will now be used to mass recruit staked Characters that have not been recruited.

To recruit a Character, the Character NFT must first in in your Staked inventory. You can then navigate to the Characters Screen and click recruit.

Recruit Popup