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Upcoming V4 Release Details

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Hello Adventurers! We are happy to announce lots of extremely exciting new changes coming to BlockchainRPG! I know we have not had too many public updates in a while, but that is because we have been busy working hard in the background for this upcoming V4 update. We thank you all for your patience and hope you are all as excited as we are!

Immediate Updates

New game contract

We will be switching our primary game contract from “unapologetic” to a new game contract “game.brpg”

The contract name change allows us to streamline our contracts with the “brpg” extension as part of our rebranding efforts. From a marketing and brand awareness standpoint, the transition to the ‘.bprg’ contract extension will improve the market visibility for BlockchainRPG.

Multiple Characters

Each BlockchainRPG player will now be able to command multiple characters. Each staked character will be able to gear up, hunt, and heal independently from other staked characters. Each character will also have their own hunt time cooldowns. Having multiple characters with siloed cooldowns means you can be more involved in the game without spending as much time waiting. Having a multiple-character configuration also means that any extra or old NFT gear that you have been HODLing will gain new life in the arms of another character.

New Healing System

Each character will now be able to heal with their own cooldowns. Instead of X amount of free heals per day, Heals will now have a cooldown based on NFT character rarity.

Legendary Heal - The character will fully heal and gain a cooldown of 30 minutes.

Epic Heal - The character will fully heal and gain a cooldown of 1 hour.

Rare Heal - The character will fully heal and gain a cooldown of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Uncommon Heal - The character will fully heal and gain a cooldown of 2 hours.

Common Heal - The character will fully heal and gain a cooldown of 2 hour and 30 minutes.

The new healing system change is important as it will give more value to rarer characters as well as health potions. Both will help to avoid waiting too long in order to play the game.

Limited 50-100 Character Drop

We will be releasing a super exclusive Character Pack drop as part of the new update. More details to be confirmed in the near future.

Level System Reset

Thank you all for participating in the level system. We never intended the level system to be permanent, but with the release of V4, we will be introducing “Seasons” for the level system.

Your current levels will be a part of Season 1 and will reset with Season 2, starting alongside the upcoming V4 change. To commemorate the end of the Season 1 testing and level system, the top adventurers in Aurum will be awarded with exclusive NFT stickers!

Season 1 Hunting Level Rewards

Season 1 Sticker - everyone who participated in Season 1

Level Stickers - everyone who reached above certain levels (10, 25, 50)

Top Rank Stickers - Sticker for top 10, top 5, and top 1 ranked players

These stickers will also be synced to discord giving you bragging rights for being awesome :)

GOLD reward changes

The current way GOLD is distributed gives less GOLD when hunting in Forest as opposed to hunting in the Swamplands. Currently, the GOLD emissions pools generate GOLD at the same rate even minute, so as more adventurers hunt in the Forest looking for rare NFTs, the GOLD pool depletes faster in the Forest than the Swamplands, even though it is a more challenging hunting area.

We will be modifying how the GOLD emission pools are configured so that there is only one pool for both hunting grounds instead of an individual GOLD pool for each hunting ground.

Moving forward, each hunting ground will then have a multiplier on the amount taken out of the pool per hunt. For example, the Forest hunting ground will now give out twice as much GOLD than the Swamplands (on average). The amount of GOLD generated per second will still stay the same, but the pool that hunt rewards come from will be shared between regions.

Planned Updates

These updates will be released with more details later on, but know that we are working hard to get them out for you all :)

Rabbit Stew

The long-awaited Rabbit Stew will give a buff to a character when consumed. More details on the stats of the Rabbit Stew will be issued in the near future

Hunting Grounds Difficulty Modes

Swamplands and Forest will have an additional difficulty mode allowing players to hunt in the Normal mode or Hard mode. The Hard mode will have the same monsters but with stronger stats and increased rewards.

Daily Quest 

We want players to keep playing every day, so we will introduce a daily quest that would reward players for hunting every day.


We are planning to release the Immediate V4 changes on April 1st. This means that you all will have 1 month left to level up and grind for the top spots! We will be updating our whitepaper with more details soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the #help-support channel in our Discord and we will do our best to answer them! Thank you all again for your patience as we were working on these updates. Happy hunting!