Third-Party Markets

NFT Marketplaces

AtomicHub Collection (brpg):

BlockchainRPG NFT’s can be found trading on most major NFT market places including: NFTHive (New Collection) NeftyBlocks (New Collection) AtomicHub (New Collection)

Old AtomicHub Collection (blokchainrpg):

We have migrated from our previous AtomicHub collection "blokchainrpg" to "brpg" as part of our rebranding effort. You can view the markets for the old collection here: NFTHive (Old Collection) NeftyBlocks (Old Collection) AtomicHub (Old Collection) Note: The old collection will still be usable in game, but from now on new NFTs will be created on the new collection above.

Token Marketplaces

BlockchainRPG is play-to-earn so everyone cant hunt for their resources as much as they want. If you want to expedite the process of crafting higher-level weapons. you can purchase resources on Alcor via swap pools or listed market pairs.

Swap Pools:

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If you are getting an output error while trying to swap gold for resources on Alcor (For example: swapping gold or wax for irnwood), try increasing the “slippage” to 10% or more. Only adjust slippage if you know what you are doing because it can result in higher costs per resource.