To equip items, you must first “stake” them in game. You can do so by Navigating to the Inventory screen and clicking on the UNSTAKED tab. Find the item or character you would like to stake, and click on the STAKE button. You will be prompted to sign the transaction. Once this has been completed, you will then be able to equip the items from your STAKED inventory in game.
Staking means that you are granting ownership of the items to the game contract.
You are able to unstake your items at any time but there will be a 24 hour unstaking cooldown to avoid abuse. After the 24 hour cooldown, you will be able to claim your unstaked items in game.


Are there any staking rewards?

Staking is required to equip items in game. Currently there is no system of rewards for staking NFTs/Tokens but this will be looked at in the future as BlockchainRPG develops further