There will eventually come a time when an adventurer will need to heal in order to avoid dying during the next hunt. You can heal either by consuming a HP Regeneration consumable item (ex. HP POT) or using the free heal mechanic available for all adventurers.
– To heal using an HP Regeneration consumable, click on the item in your inventory you wish to use – A pop-up will appear telling you which item you selected and how much you will heal. Then click on “Use”
– To heal using the free healing mechanic, use the map on the main screen to travel to a town (ex. New Haven) and click the “Free Heal” button at the bottom right of the main screen to fully heal regardless of total HP and HP lost. The “Free Heal” button will also display the remaining number of daily free heals. The free heal mechanic puts your adventurer on a 1 minute cooldown similar to the hunting mechanic.
– Please note that by default all adventurers get 2 free heals each with a 24 hour cooldown resetting at 00:00:00 UTC, but you can increase this limit with your equipped character card. As the rarity of the equipped character card goes up, you will receive more free heals:
– Common: 1 extra free heal (total of 3) – Uncommon: 2 extra free heal (total of 4) – Rare: 3 extra free heal (total of 5) – Epic: 4 extra free heal (total of 6) – Legendary: 5 extra free heal (total of 7)
– After use, the free heal will go on cooldown and two different grayed out buttons will appear, meaning you currently cannot use a free heal at the moment:
– You recently used a free heal and will have to wait 1 minute before being able to perform any other actions
– The 1 minute adventurer cooldown is over, but you do not have any remaining free heals for the day and will need to wait until another free heal is available. You can perform any other actions during this time