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The land of Aurum is unforgiving, untamed, and unexplored. Why would you, as a humble adventurer, want to venture into such a dangerous place? We both know why…to seek treasures beyond your imagination, to trailblazer your own path, and to forge your own legacy.

With only a single safe area on the entirety of the continent, a haven if you will, all beginning adventurers begin their journey in the town of New Haven. Some have decided to journey out to the nearby swamplands and, while some were not fortunate enough to return home, dubbed it the first hunting ground. The first of many, hopefully. The supplies and resources from the monsters and creatures have been able to sustain the adventurers and townsfolk, but an adventurer’s lust for greater glory will not be satisfied here. With the blessings of the goddess Argenta, who provides adventurers with some recovery from ailments and injuries, the adventurers march forth towards the unknown horizon, destined to conquer this great wilderness.

As an adventurer in Aurum, your goal is to build a legacy with nothing but your hard work, strategic mind, and a tiny spark of luck. You will be hunting various dangerous mobs to earn a plethora of rewards including but not limited to equipment such as armors, weapons, and accessories, crafting materials, and GOLD, our in-game token currency. Craft and equip better equipment and supporting items to boost your adventurer’s stats and perform better during hunts, further increasing your bounty.