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Salvage System

As we are introducing more and more items to the BlockchainRPG’s ecosystem, many of the older/beginner equipment are being flooded into the secondary markets since they are not useful to the more experienced players. We want to allow more uses to these equipment by allowing players to break down equipment to obtain valuable crafting resources.


To Salvage an item, a player must first have the item Staked. In the STAKED inventory tab, a player can click on the item they wish to salvage and click on the salvage button. Once the player signs the transaction, they will be rewarded with 3-5 Equipment Essence of the same rarity as the item salvaged.

Obtainable Essences:

  • Common Equipment Essence (CEE)
  • Uncommon Equipment Essence (UEE)
  • Rare Equipment Essence (REE)
  • Epic Equipment Essence (EEE)
  • Legendary Equipment Essence (LEE)

Example 1: A player salvages a Common Rag Shirt. They will then be rewarded with 3 to 5 Common Equipment Essence (CEE) randomly. Example 2: A player salvages an Uncommon Rag Shirt. They will then be rewarded with 3 to 5 Uncommon Equipment Essence (UEE) randomly.


Equipment Essences will be used in crafting recipes for equipment. The exact number required will depend on the equipment but the rarity will be the same as the equipment being crafted. (To craft Common Equipment will require CEE, Uncommon equipment requires UEE, etc.)