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Upcoming V4.5.0 Changes – Character Fusion!

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Upcoming V4.5.0 Changes – Character Fusion!

Introducing Character Fusion! Players will soon be able to Fuse 5 characters of the same rarity to create a new Character of the next rarity tier. We will be replacing Character blends with this new system and allow all Characters to be Fused. These changes will be part of the v4.5.0 release on 8/30/2023.

Character Fusions

To perform a Fusion, a player must first have 5 Characters of the same rarity in their Staked inventory (Not Recruited!). In the Fusion screen, a player can select the characters they wish to Fuse and click on the Fuse button. Once the player signs the transaction, the characters selected and fusion fee will be burned and the player will be rewarded a new Character of the next highest rarity. The new Character will be randomly selected from the possible characters from the sets selected. Legendary Characters can not be selected for Fusion since there is no higher rarity tier above Legendary.

More details can be found on our docs here: Character Fusion

Other Changes

Added a new Daily Quest: Daily Hunts

Hunt sounds will now play on any page and not be overlapping when opening the Characters page.

Data caching changes for stability errors

Reworked character select logic to allow filtering and sorting in the future

Fixed Unstaking UI bug

Future Changes

We are also planning to do the following changes next:

Rework Hunts to give rewards based on rarity so that higher rarity characters will give more rewards. We are also planning to do away with the Free heals and make Character HP auto regen so that players do not have to manually free heal. More details will come soon so please be on the lookout for an Announcement!

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord!